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 Four ways 

to Support

Shop Safer Beauty


As your consultant, I will provide you with:

  • FREE skincare and beauty consultation.  

  • Product recommendations based on your beauty and skin consultation FORM.

  • Entry into my private Facebook Group My Soul Legacy, where I share exclusive tips, tricks, deals, and promotions for my clients only. 

  • Receive my monthly newsletter and occasional updates regarding promotions and news.

  • Please make sure to note “Novelyn Aquino” in the consultant box.


Let's get started, SHOP: 

Become a Band of Beauty Member

Beautycounter Band of Beauty members receives special perks including:


  • FREE shipping on orders over $100.

  • 10% back in product credit with every applicable order placed.

  • A complimentary gift when you sign up and spend $50 or more. 

  • One time annual fee of $29

  • No auto-ship, no obligation to buy, and your fee go to our continued support of our non-profit partners Environmental Working Group and Breast Cancer Prevention Partners. 


Become a Band of Beauty Member, join here.

Host A Pop-Up

Another impactful way to further our mission and movement is to host a Pop-Up. Our story is best-told person to person. Let’s plan a Pop-Up together that works for you in four easy steps.


  • STEP ONE: Make a list of guests. Family, friends, and co-workers. We'll pick a day and time that works for you. I'll help you choose a theme and invite among the many stylish Beautycounter invitations.  All of which can be shared via social media, text, or email.   

  • STEP TWO: Review the product pdf catalog and make notes to your Host Rewards Wish List. 

  • STEP THREE: Review the generous Beautycounter Host Rewards where you can get up to five products for FREE and five products at 50% off. Create your wish list.

  • STEP FOUR: The day of the event, I’ll bring the complete skincare, beauty, body, sun, and kids collection for you and your guests to touch and try.


Your guests will leave feeling inspired and motivated to make empowering decisions that will protect them and their families from harmful ingredients. I can host with you either in-person in the Los Angeles area, online via Facebook live or a Zoom call. I will also travel to southern or northern California areas.


Learn more or if you'd like to host a Pop-Up, book todaY.

Become A Consultant

If you’re reading this, it’s because, like me, you have a “why” story. Let’s put it into action. Become an advocate for change part-time or full-time, it’s up to you. I am committed to supporting and mentoring you to grow a business that not only is fulling but also financially rewarding. I believe success comes from a collective effort. 


  • COMPENSATION: Consultants earn 20-35% commission on sales & 4-9% for downline business.

  • DISCOUNT: 25% discount on personal orders. With opportunities for 50% off the product and FREE products for personal or business use.

  • REWARDS: Opportunities to earn amazing trip incentives, rewards, and cash bonuses.

  • WEBSITE: Sell with your own personal Beautycounter website.

  • BACK OFFICE: You’ll have access to an online back office to help support your business.

  • TRAINING: You'll receive unlimited online product training.

  • FACEBOOK SUPPORT GROUP: Have access to an inspirational tribe of consultants via our team Facebook group, Team Empower & Inspire. 

  • SHARING & SALES TOOLS: When you enroll with me as your mentor, I’ll send you a FREE personalized Consultant Starter Kit from me complete with sampling materials (not included with the Enrollment Kit). 

  • MENTOR SUPPORT: You’ll receive my mentor's support. I’ll be there to guide you and help answer any questions. I have a 30, 60, and 90-day activation plan that will be the foundation of your business. I'll guide the set up of your business website, social media and client management, and virtual office. I'll share my twenty years of independent sales experience and we’ll discover your selling and sharing style. Plan, execute, activate, and replicate a system that works best for the kind of business you want to create. Whether it be full time or part-time. Let's set your goals and achieve personal and financial rewards. 

  • PARTNERSHIP: And most importantly you'll get a partner. Who believes that through the collective effort we will find joy, passion, inspiration, and financial independence. I will be with you every step of the way. It's an exciting and scary time when starting a new business. I will bring to your business years of hands-on experience and a positive soundboard that will guide you through finding your voice and your place as a successful independent business. As a partner, you will also be featured on my website, My Soul Legacy Soulful Community. We will work hard to promote your business and share your successes. For this is truly a partnership.


Authenticity is at the heart of any successful brand or product. I’m confident you have a “why” story. You wouldn't be this far if you didn't believe you had something to offer. To be of service, to bring value and make a life of significance. This movement needs you and your voice. Will you join me in advocating for change? Let's share your why and help move this mission to get safer beauty into the hands of everyone, at the same time create a financial reward. Let’s make beauty better together.


If you'd like to book an appointment to learn more, email me here and let's set up a time to chat. If you’re ready to take the job and say, “yes!” Join me here.

Four Ways to Support

1. Buy Beautycounter, shop HERE.

2. Become a Band of Beauty Member, join here.

3. Book a Pop-Up, email Here.

4. Become a Consultant, join here


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