Two Years Later: Why I Became A Beautycounter Consultant

"Once you know better, you do better."

-Maya Angelou

Today I celebrate two years with Beautycounter. As I look back on the decision I made two years ago, I can't be more proud to be associated and represent this purpose driven company. It truly is not just a beauty brand. It is a movement to educate, share safer solutions and advocate for change. Here is a few reasons why I am going to take my passion, purpose and ultimately my business to the next level in 2018.

1) BREAST CANCER THRIVER: I was diagnosed two weeks after I said, "yes" to taking the job with Beautycounter. My first social was also my cancer coming out social. I announced to nine of my friends that I had just been diagnosed two days before. I recall so vividly, my husband Shane asking me, "Do you still want to do this?" With conviction I stated, "Now I am committed even more to doing this. I don't want anyone else to get diagnosed." If there is a way to prevent Breast Cancer by sharing information that will make for safer and more conscious decisions, then I wholeheartedly believe I was destined to do this.

Twenty years ago it was one in twenty and now it's one in eight. One in eight (#IAmTheOneInEight). I don't believe in scare tactics to when it comes to switching to safer. I believe that by taking my story public, if it inspires someone to do their monthly self breast examines, research and make conscious buying decisions, not just with their personal care products but the food they eat, exercise, stress release, strengthen relationships through meaningful connections, then my experience will not go in vain. I am thriving after Breast Cancer. To take the blessings of the diagnosis and connect with women who believe the reason for why they were tagged to get into the arena means we have a bigger purpose.

2) ADVOCATE FOR SOCIAL CHANGE & PROVIDE SAFER SOLUTIONS: No one should have to sacrifice their health for personal care. The fact that we haven't changed a law since 1938 is unacceptable and that only a page and half regulate a $62 billion dollar a year industry is mind blowing. Until a cure is found we must consider what are the causes. One in two men and one in three women will be diagnosed with a cancer in their lifetime. When ingredients that have known links to hormone disruptions, reproductive issues, allergens, child development issues, etc., how can we just sit by and allow companies to harm us because of their bottom line. Only 10-15% of cancers have a genetic link. The rest are due to environmental causes. Why not support companies that have a foundation of putting people, planet before profits. It is time that we start as consumers supporting companies that do business with consciousness.

3) EMPOWER WOMEN: I believe that in order to create true change it's understanding and believing wholeheartedly that we are all connected. That our choices impact us all.

This March I celebrate twenty years of being an independent business owner and I want to empower women to make their dreams a reality. To find that passion and turn it into their purpose.

To take control of their lives, time and financial destiny through creating a business model that is passionate, purposeful and mentorship driven. I know that each journey is an individual experience but the support, love and trust of someone believing in you is essential in being successful but more importantly living a life of significance. Creating a sisterhood of like minded women focused on living out what they are meant to bring to this world is how my own journey has come full circle. It's about living a soulful life that one day leaves a lasting legacy.