March 4th: Call To Action

"We're in an exciting moment in time where women feel that they are able to use their voices. They can vote with their wallets and speak up on the things they are passionate about. They can be a part of moving us forward to better place." - Gregg Renfrew

Have you ever found a cause that inspires you to do more? Go above and beyond? Shout it from the rooftops? Well, I have found that cause. Two years ago last Sunday I made the announcement to family and friends that not only was I launching a new business but I also had breast cancer. When I shared the statistic that one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer, I followed it with, "I am that one in eight."

To celebrate Beautycounter's 5th Anniversary we held our annual "Call To Action." I was chosen this year to lead a group my fellow Beautycounter Consultants to meet with Senator Diane Feinstein's Field Representative at the Los Angeles District Office. We wanted to discuss the bi-partisan bill, the Personal Care Products Safety Act that was written by Senator Feinstein and Senator Susan Collins. We knew we were going to be speaking to the choir. Our intention was to walk away with a list to help support the passage of this bill. We wanted to know directly from their office how we could help bring this bill to the senate floor. While we were meeting in Los Angeles 100 Beautycounter Consultants travelled to Washington DC along with our Founder Gregg Renfrew to meet with congress.

This year's advocacy campaign #ThisTimeItsPersonal is focused on taking our stories, turning them into our passion which in turn impacts our communities. I believe our everyday products are harming us and we shouldn't have to sacrifice our health in the name of beauty and personal care. My cancer was ruled caused environmentally. Breast Cancer is a hormonal cancer. I had been using unsafe products for over thirty years. Many of the ingredients hormone disrupting. The average age of breast cancer patients 55-65. I was 43. Twenty years ago it was one in twenty women that would be diagnosed with breast cancer and now it's one in eight. We haven't changed a law since 1938 and only a page and a half of laws regulate the industry. This is outrageous and unacceptable. For every social I hold I ask my guests to sign a letter and petition to congress asking for change. This has been a personal mission from day one and I will continue to make my voice heard.

It's time we start holding the industry accountable and have our elected officials protect us, their constituents and not big corporations. Until laws and regulations are in place to do that for us, I will continue to educate on how to make safer more conscious decisions. You create change by the decisions you make when buying products. You vote with your wallet. There are tools that you can use like the Healthy Living App by the Environmental Working Group (our non-profit partner) to inform you about the ingredients how they are rated from a scale of one to ten. Ten being the most harmful. Rated in three categories: allergy, developmental and cancer concerns. There are organizations like Breast Cancer Prevention Partners (our non-profit partner) or Keep A Breast Foundation with their Non-Toxic Revolution campaign that are doing the work to generate awareness and prevention about the toxic everyday products that are on the market today.

I will continue to share safer high performing solutions. Not just Beautycounter but other products as well that are pushing the movement forward. This is a collective effort and that is why Beautycounter along with a dozen other brands have banned together to create the Counteract Coalition. We as a companies in the clean beauty space are taking a proactive approach to commerce. Until our laws catch up, we must consider the causes while looking for cures. If you are at all curious and would like to learn more, let's have a one on one. I say start with looking at what you are using and replace the most harmful. If you purchase from me, you are supporting my small business, I do the happy dance when an order is placed. You can feel confident that you are supporting a company leading the way for more health protective laws.

If you want to learn more about Beautycounter as a consumer or the opportunity to join me and other women and men that want to have a purpose driven business that you can be proud of and leave as your legacy. I welcome the chance to discuss this further. We need more voices and I am committed to this call to action, this mission, this movement. Something you can do now, text "BetterBeauty" to 52886 and tell congress you want to see health protective laws. To commemorate this 5th year Anniversary we also created the Beautycounter Red (pictured below on all of us) when you purchase two you will save $10. Share this color with your mom, sister, friend or colleague.