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Knowledge is Power

Life has a way of coming full circle. In October 2015 I was introduced to Beautycounter by my childhood good friend. At our annual girl's retreat, she educated us on the state of the beauty industry. I was shocked that laws had not been changed since 1938 and that the US at the time had only banned 11 ingredients out of thousands. Now we ban 30. While the EU bans over 1400. How was I learning about this for the first time? While in college I sold skin care and cosmetics in a traditional department store. This was not information that was shared with us. 

After four months as a customer, I decided to become a Beautycounter consultant. My girls are ultimately my “why”. My family is the number one motivating factor. As my mother did for me, I wanted to introduce my girls to practices of self-care. But with products that did not contain questionable ingredients. I wanted to introduce them to cleaner safer products. Empower them to make confident, conscious, and thoughtful decisions regarding their personal care and beauty practices. I wanted to model for them how to represent something you believe in. That's financially profitable and can be done with purpose and passion. 

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Two weeks after I said, “yes” to advocating for safer beauty, and two days before my first pop-up, at 43 I was diagnosed with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma, Breast Cancer. My first social was not only sharing the reason for why I chose to join Beautycounter, but it was my cancer coming out. One in eight women will be diagnosed with Breast Cancer. And here I was the one in eight. Through genetic testing, it was confirmed my cancer was environmentally caused. There are many factors that could have caused my breast cancer. But I can’t help but reflect on all those years of using products that had questionable ingredients. The products I’d used since my early 20's working in the department stores and even earlier as a young teenage girl. 

Beautycounter has been a healing and empowering experience. With each pop-up or one on one it gives me an opportunity to connect with my community and share my “why”. No one should have to sacrifice their health for self-care. I want to be part of the movement to create change. Until a cure is found, we should understand the causes and take preventative action. 

I am educating, advocating, and sharing solutions that are safe. We use an average of 12 products a day that total to hundreds of ingredients. If lessening our toxic load lowers our risk to any illness, why not make safer buying decisions? Why not support companies that are putting their customer's health first? My breast cancer experience caused me to have a reconnection with myself and how self-care fuels self-love. Personal care and beauty are one of the pillars of self-care and modeling this for my girls have become a significant part of my life. It roots a strong foundation for healthy self-worth. If you are ready to switch to a cleaner lifestyle, I'm here to help encourage and strengthen your practices with safe and high performing solutions. We all count and we all deserve better.  


If I can be of service, answer any questions, help you navigate through all the choices. Let's find what works best based on your time, personal or family needs, budget, or the skincare or lifestyle results you would like to see. It’s about making knowledgeable and conscious choices that leave us feeling empowered. As Maya Angelou said, "once you know better you do better." If this resonates with you, let’s chat. Pick a day and time. I’d love to share with you the four ways to support Beautycounter

With Love & Light,