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 Soulful Community

Lucinda Lopez

Face By Lu
Licensed Esthetician &
Certified Microblader 
Aguora Hills, CA
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Plant Grow Thrive
Holistic Health &
Beauty Coach
Atlanta, GA
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Anchor studio
Pilates Studio 
Owner & Instructor
Durham, NC
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Carabella Moon
Beauty & Skincare Consultant
Los Angeles, CA
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Funny Mother
Beauty & Skincare Consultant
Newbury Park, CA
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Chasing Calla
& Marketing 
Littleton, CO
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Counter the status quo

As a Filipino-American, I am proud to represent Beautycounter, a company actively engaging by asking the difficult questions and listening. Installing educators and leaders that provoke the conversations of diversity. Taking action to create an impact every community by sharing information through transparency and using facts to effect change. This movement to safer is not only a health and environmental concern but a social justice concern as well. 


Our mission is to get safer products into the hands of everyone.

Everyone means everyone.


As a breast cancer survivor and a woman of color, I share my "Why" story to help others make preventative and conscious decisions that will not only impact their health but those they love. We need all the voices we can gather to advocate for health-protective laws, share safer high performing solutions and educate our communities regarding the current state of the personal care and beauty industry. Be the change you want to see in the world. If you have a strong passion to make a difference, reach diverse communities, join me This purpose-driven company is more than a beauty brand, it is a movement. 


This Time,

It's personal


We educate our families, friends and communities about the current state of the personal care and beauty industry. Here in the US we only ban 30 ingredients. In the EU they ban 1400. 

Beautycounter has a

"NEVER LIST" of 1500+.


We advocate for health protective laws. Laws that have not been changed since 1938 and only a page and half of laws regulate a $60 billion dollar industry.

That is unacceptable.



We share high performing solutions and products. We believe in transparency

and that safer products

should be in the hands of everyone.


Everyone Means Everyone.

Find your Tribe
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