About Me

My name is Novelyn. I am a wife, mother of two girls, sister, friend, entrepreneur, partner, mentor, advocate, and a soul survivor. I've spent over twenty-five years in the wholesale and retail fashion industry independently representing men's and women's apparel, footwear and accessories brands. I’ve lived a very full and fast paced lifestyle.


Diagnosed with breast cancer at 43, I had to stop, reflect and take stock of my life and reclaim my body, mind and more importantly my soul. I created My Soul Legacy as a sacred space to share and connect what feeds the soul and leaves a lasting legacy. What's inspiring, motivating, grounding, healing and keeps us all centered.

I have come to learn that the universe gives us lessons and always has our back. I’ve learned that there is laughter in every situation, that kindness seeds love and gratitude. Every day is a new opportunity to appreciate one's blessings and nothing more important than what you are experiencing in the present moment.

It's good to take deep breaths throughout the day and meditation is a guaranteed way to quiet the narratives we can make up in our heads. The kid playbook is a lot more fun than the parent playbook and my girls are often the teachers and I am the student. That fear is an emotional message from our soul and when we acknowledge our truth, our purpose, it always comes back full circle to our heart center. That self love is the highest, most empowering love you can gift yourself.

Ultimately My Soul Legacy is about connecting or reconnecting to one's soul and leaving a lasting connection with those we love and come to meet. To create a connection with like minded spirits. Who embrace life and all of it's joys and challenges with passion and purpose. My hope through sharing my truthful journey to soulful living, is that we can share the tools and practices that keep us present, mindful and living with intention. Be the change we want to see.


We all want to fuel our radiant light and seed more kindness, love and gratitude. It's what this world really needs right now. I truly appreciate you stopping by. May you leave knowing wholeheartedly that we are all soul survivors from day one. Until I see you again.

With Love & Light,


My Life

is divinely guided

© 2018 My Soul Legacy.